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How to submit a PhD application at Galilée doctoral school.

First of all, go through the prerequisites of the de l’arrêté du 25 mai 2016 relatif à la formation doctorale (art.11).

To enroll in a doctoral programme at Galilée doctoral school, you need to :

  • Hold a national Master’s degree or a diploma conferring the Master’s degree, at the end of a training course establishing the candidate’s aptitude for research. If this condition is not fulfilled, the President may, by way of derogation and on the proposal of the doctoral school, enrol in doctoral studies persons who have completed studies of an equivalent level attesting a training research (internship in research)
  • Have a means of financing over three years from the date of first registration in University Sorbonne Paris Nord is required . By way of derogation and in the case of a co-tutelle, funding must cover, at a minimum, the period of residence in France of the PhD student (see page cotutelle). The minimum amount corresponds to a monthly allowance of 760€.
  • Have found a thesis adviser who is “habilité à diriger des recherches or HDR” that’s to say who has been awarded the required qualifications to direct a PhD. It may be a professor or an assistant professor with an HRD. A Phd supervisor can direct a maximum four candidates (see Galilée doctoral school rules). See below in case of thesis co-direction.
  • Submit your application via the online platform
  • Enroll at the administrative level

The steps to submit an application on the platform are the following :

1) The candidate (or the thesis supervisor) contacts the administration of the doctoral school providing the following information :

  • Surname of the candidate (mentioning Mr. or Mrs.)
  • Name of the candidate
  • Email of the candidate
  • Date of birth of the candidate
  • Agreement of the supervisor(s) (implicit if it is the supervisor herself/ himself who sends the email)
  • The name of Laboratory the candidate will be attached to
  • Discipline of the thesis
  • Title of the thesis project
  • Source of funding

2) As a response the candidate will receive by email an Id and a password which will allow her/him to access the digital platform in order to submit the application and then to validate the application. The tab “Projet doctoral” (doctoral project) has to be completed by the PhD supervisor in tight collaboration with the candidate. Following the new decree of May 25th 2016, the information provided in the tab will be used in the “convention de formation du doctorant” (convention of training of the PhD candidate) an official document which will be signed by the different parties (PhD candidate, supervisor, director of the laboratory and director of the Doctoral School).

The following documents are to be submitted on the platform (less than 5 Mo) :

  • A passport picture (.jpg format)
  • A Identification document (id card or passport)
  • A CV
  • A copy of the academic transcript of the Master’s degree stating you have successfully completed the degree
  • A copy of your highest university degree (to be certified as true in the case of a foreign degrees)
  • A copy of the degree stating the completion of your secondary school studies (baccaluaréat or a-levels)
  • The proof of funding (not to be given in case of an application for a scholarship award at our university). The minimum amount of reference is that of the Ministry of Foreign affairs that’s to say a monthly basis of 767€.
  • The description of the thesis project 1 page minimum, signed by the PhD supervisor
  • The charter of the digital submission of PhD to be downloaded here and to be signed

3) The application is then validated online after having been checked by the PhD supervisor and by the director of the lab (an email alert will be sent to both)

The application is then examined by the directing staff of the doctoral school. If it is accepted, the application is validated online by the doctoral school and then submitted to the vice president of research of Université Paris 13.

Application for a doctoral grant from the University Sorbonne Paris Nord

In case you are applying for a doctoral grant of the University Sorbonne Paris Nord, please refer to the page “Competition and scholarship awards”.

Audition for doctoral candidates who have not gone through a selective process

Text of the rules of procedure:
“Each administratively admissible candidate, who has not gone through a selective process, must be interviewed by a jury in order to verify the quality of the candidate and the feasibility of the thesis project. This jury will be composed of at least the director of the ED or his representative, a member of the board or his representative and a member of the Université Paris Nord specialized in the discipline. The auditions are organised according to a calendar defined by the doctoral school”.

List of situations requiring an audition:
– financing of the thesis within the framework of a research contract carried out by the thesis director (ANR, ERC). CIFRE funding or, more generally, funding specifically dedicated to the thesis that has been evaluated by a jury/committee/organization is not concerned.
– employee (fixed-term contract, permanent contract) of a public institution/organization (e.g. university, AP-HP, EPST, EPIC) or a private institution.
– as part of a joint venture, financing provided by the co-director of the foreign partner institution

A jury will be proposed by the ED management according to the candidates to be auditioned and it will be composed of a member of the ED direction, a member of the ED board or his representative and one or more members of the University of Paris 13 competent in the relevant topics. The presence of the thesis supervisor at the audition is desired.

The request must be received by the ED Direction () at least 15 days before the requested date and must contain the following documents:
– the candidate’s CV
– the subject of the thesis
– the origin of the financing
– the agreement of the management of the host laboratory

Co-direction of PhD

The possibility of a PhD being co-directed means that two supervisors HDR will supervise the candidate, has been confirmed in the decree of 25 May 2016 (article 16) and has been noted in the rules and regulations of the doctoral school. Thus, in case of a co-direction between two HDR professors the thesis is counted as 0.5 for each supervisor. The number of co-directed theses by each HDR is limited to 4. Consequently, in a situation that combines full (100%) and co-direction (50%), the number of doctoral candidates that a thesis director can supervise simultaneously is limited to 6.

The doctoral school encourages co-directed theses co-directed by an HDR supervisor and an assistant professor who is not HDR. This setting has been adopted by the CR under the name of “co-encadrement”. In other words the difference between a co-direction and a “co-encadrement” or “co-monitoring” lies in the fact that one of the supervisors is not HDR. In such a case, the directing rate of the PhD director is 100%. Only two PhD candidates maximum can be supervised by an assistant professor not HDR.

The composition of a thesis direction may not exceed 3 persons according to: a thesis director, a co-director and a co-supervisor or, exceptionally, a thesis director and two co-supervisors.

Hosting agreement (“convention d’accueil”) for foreign PhD students.

Hosting agreement for foreign PhD students are established by the Human Resources Department of the University. Please contact Rachida Boughazi of the HRD:

Information on the hosting agreements: