The Doctoral School is managed by a team of directors, an office and a council.


Olivier Bodini, University Professor in Computer Science

Deputy director

Natacha Bessis, University professor in Immunology

Administrative manager

Ana Farto, Administrative manager

Members of the Doctoral School Board

Olivier Bodini, University Professor in Computer Science
Marie-Christophe Boissier, University Professor, Rheumatology hospital practitioner
Francis Nier, University Professor in Maths
Khaled Hassouni, Universités Professor in Materials Science and Processing
Natacha Bessis, University professor in Immunology

Members of the council of the doctoral school

The council of the doctoral school adopts the program of actions of the doctoral school and manages, the actions of the doctoral school through its deliberations. It’s composed of :

13 members representing the research units :

  • Olivier BODINI, director of the ED, LIPN, member of the board
  • Marie-Christophe BOISSIER, Li2P director, member of the board
  • Yueyun HU, LAGA
  • Dominique VREL, LSPM director
  • Anne AMY-KLEIN, LPL director
  • Khaled HASSOUNI, LSPM, membre of the board
  • Natacha BESSIS, deputy director of the ED, Li2P, member of the board
  • Anissa MOKRAOUI, L2TI
  • Francis NIER, LAGA, member of the board
  • Heïko RODEL, LEEC director
  • Philippe SAVARIN, CSPBAT director
  • Nadine VARIN-BLANK, ASIH director

2 members representing the staff

  • Ana FARTO, administrative assistant manager of the doctoral school
  • Pascaline ADONAI, administrative deputy manager of BRED in charge of the doctoral studies

5 representatives of the elected PhD candidates

  • Victor LUTFALLA – LIPN – Institut Galilée
  • Majda-Lyna MEBREK – Li2P – UFR SMBH
  • Damia DEKKAR – LSPM – Institut Galilée
  • Safaa ALALI – LAGA – Institut Galilée

6 external third parties

  • Pierre DUHAMEL (Director of research CNRS, SUPELEC, ENS Cachan)
  • Paul-Henri GUERING (Director of the department of Research Saint-Gobain)
  • Christophe LAUX (Professor, Ecole Centrale Paris)
  • Marc PORCHERON (Research engineer, R&D EDF)
  • Isabelle TERRASSE (Scientific director EADS)
  • Alain TROUVE (Professor, ENS Cachan)


  • Jean-Pierre ATTAL, URB2I director (laboratory P5-P13)
  • Frédéric ROUPIN, director of Institut Galileo
  • Nathalie CHARNAUX, director of the department SMBH
  • Stéphane CHAMERON, director of the Master of Ethologie
  • Olivier OUDAR, in charge of the Biology-health concentration (Bobigny)
  • Vincent LORENT, responsable des masters de l’Institut Galilée
  • Pascale MOLINIER, VP-CR
  • Carole PLANES, director the laboratory Hypoxie & Poumon