The Galilée doctoral school receives funding for 25 doctoral scholarships per year. This funding is granted through a competition which takes place in June.

Apart from the doctoral scholarships granted by the university, you will find below a limited list of diverse sources of funding. You shall also find a funding guide for the PhD on the website of the national association of doctors ANDès (l’Association Nationale des Docteurs).

  • USPC contract
  • CIFRE contract (Industrial convention for training through research)
  • ANR project
  • CNRS scholarship
  • Doctoral scholarship from Ile de France
  • Ile-de-France Scholarship for PhD cotutored research
  • Marie Curie doctoral contracts
  • CNRS Scholarship for developing countries
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs program
  • Research contracts for the Atomic Energy Commission
  • Doctoral Contracts for the National Aerospacial Energy (ONERA)
  • Doctoral contracts for the National Center of Space Studies (CNES)
  • Doctoral scholarships DGA
  • Companies Philanthropy (see legislation)

Extra Funding for foreign doctoral students with a scholarship (“bourse”)

Since 2013, the doctoral school has been offering foreign students with a scholarship (“bourse”), extra funding in the form of a complementary doctoral scholarship i.e. a merit-based grant.

General principles of the merit-based grant :

  • There is an annual call for proposals which is open from July to November to all the partnering laboratories of the doctoral school
  • The students having been awarded an equivalent of our master 2 (five year degree) in a foreign university who are enroling in their first year of their doctoral degree at Galilée doctoral school already having a main scholarship covering their three years of research are eligible to the grant. There is no age limit, nor any restrictions regarding nationality for this scholarship.
  • This merit-based scholarship is not the main funding for the thesis. In order to be granted such a scholarship, you should already have a scholarship amounting to the minimum set by the ministry of foreign affairs (760€/ month during 3 years).
  • Its amount is adaptable : it completes the main scholarship so that the total amount of both scholarships is 1200€ maximum net per month.
  • The amount of the merit-based scholarship is allotted for 3 years on a monthly basis. This grant can not be extended by any means beyond the 36th month of the PhD.
  • In the case of a cotutoring, the merit-based grant is only given during the stays at our university. It is distributed evenly throughout the year.
  • The annual list of candidates who are awarded the merit-based scholarship is set by the bureau of the doctoral school. The bureau takes into account the worth of the schooling as well as the amount requested. This list is then validated by the research commission and by the administrative council of Paris 13.
  • The complementary scholarship can be cancelled if the doctoral candidate and the supervisors do not respect the PhD charters.

The call for proposals for 2018-2019 has been opened in September.
The deadline for submission of the application is 11/02/2018


Call 2019 for doctoral grants from the China Scholarship Council – USPC

USPC launchs its 2019 call for the recruitment of Chinese doctoral candidates funded by China (CSC-USPC contracts).

You will find below the text of the call and the application file

The excel file must be named “Pôle-Etablissement-N°ED-DISCIPLINE” (ex: SET-P13-ED146-Sciences des procédés) followed by a number if the laboratory proposes several subjects in the same discipline

This excel file must be returned to the ED secretariat (, with a copy to the ED Direction (, no later than Friday, November 9, 2018.

Text of the 2019 call
Excel file (application file)