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Enrolment and re-enrolment calendar 2022/2023

Enrolment procedure for the first year

Once registration is authorized by the Vice-President of the Research Commission, the candidate will have to register administratively online on the University’s website. The candidate will have to download from the registration platform, an individual invitation to register administratively with the documents mentioned in the letter. Administrative registration can be taken by correspondence for candidates residing in the provinces or abroad.

This enrolment must be done each year if you want to defend your PhD at our university. It gives you the right to vote for the students representatives in the university councils. Unless otherwise provided by agreement (cotutelle), registration fees must be payed each year.

Re-enrolment procedures

The deadline for re-enrolment in second and third year is set by the University on November 15th. Any exceeding of this date needs an “extra tempora” request for re-registration. A letter co-signed by the PhD student and the PhD supervisor, explaining the reasons for the delay, should be sent to the ED secretariat, which will forward it to the vice-president CFVU for examination.

Re-enrolment for the second year
Enrolment for second year is done online via the platform for PhD students. You will need to connect with the Ids given upon the opening of your file. As part of the request for re-enrolment in the 2nd year, an interview of about 30 minutes between the tutor and the doctoral student (in the absence of the thesis director) must be carried out at the end of the 1st year and then a report (one page maximum), written by the tutor, submitted in the file. Re-registration in the 2nd year is therefore subject to the submission of this report in the file.
After having received all the permissions required (from the supervisor, the director of the laboratory, the director of the doctoral school, and the vice president of research of Paris 13) the doctoral candidate can reenroll at the administrative level.

Re-enrolment for the third year
The request for re-enrolment for the third year is done online via the platform for PhD students. You will need to connect with the Ids given upon the opening of your file. Following the decree of May 25th 2016, the re-enrolment in third year requires the opinion of the PhD candidate’s comité de suivi (supervising comittee). The information relative to its composition, its conduction and the form of the supervising committee are indicated in the tab “Follow up of the PhD Candidates”. After having obtained all the different permissions (PhD supervisor, laboratory director, vice president research) the PhD candidate can re-enroll administratively.

Foreign contractual doctoral students registered in the 3rd year and who defend their thesis between the end of their doctoral contract and 31 December of their 3rd year, may apply to the DRH department for a hosting agreement allowing them to renew their residence permit. The procedure is as follows:
– the PhD student requests a certificate from his thesis director attesting that the PhD student will defend his thesis before 31 December
– the PhD student sends his request for a hosting agreement to this address: attaching the thesis director’s certificate
– the PhD student will receive in return his agreement allowing him to apply for his residence permit.

Re-enrolment for a 4th year


Exceptional procedure for re-enrolment in 4th year for the year 2020-2021 in connection with the Covid-19 health crisis: In accordance with the decision of the USPN’s college of doctoral schools dated April 29, 2020, “Doctoral students enrolled in 2019-2020 in 3rd year will have the possibility, if they wish, to re-enroll in 2020-2021 without payment of registration fees. Exceptionally and only for this year, this re-registration will not require the opinion of the doctoral student’s individual monitoring committee, in order to take into account the strong slowdown, or even prolonged interruption, of doctoral students’ research activities”.
However, the application must be accompanied by a letter signed by the doctoral student and the thesis director justifying the request. This letter must be accompanied by an attestation of thesis defense before June 30, 2021 signed by the doctoral student and the thesis director (to be downloaded here), i.e. a thesis extension of 6 additional months granted by the USPN doctoral school college. These 2 letters attached in 1 single pdf file must be submitted in the online file, slot “dossier accompagnant la demande” of the tab “pièces à fournir”.


Re-enrolment for a 4th year is derogatory. Except for part-time PhD students or other special cases, it has to be considered as exceptional and has to be supported by a financing system linked to the research activity (see the rules and regulations of the doctoral school). It is done online via the students enrolment platform. You will need to connect with the Ids given upon opening of the file. In accordance with the decree of May 25th 2016, re-enrolment for 4th year requires the opinion of PhD candidate’s supervising committee, including for part-time PhD students. All the information required about the composition, the conduction and the form of the committee are indicated on the tab “Follow up of the candidates”.

The request must be supported by the following documents :
– A letter explaining the reasons for the request and presenting the advancement of the research work.
– The motivated and detailed opinion of the supervisor. Apart from mentioning the scientific aspects, this letter must explain (i) the reasons why the thesis could not be defended within 3 years, (ii) the conditions of finishing the thesis with a provisional date of defence, (iii) information concerning how the extra year is financed which must be linked with the research activity (unemployment subsidies for PhD candidates having received a scholarship is not a valid form of funding).
– A summary of the doctoral trainings done to be obtained by the BRED ()
These elements should be sent in a single file (pdf format) and submitted on the enrolment platform.
After having obtained all the permissions (from the PhD supervisor, the director of the lab, the director of the doctoral school, the vice-president research), the doctoral candidate can re-enrol at the administrative level.

If the PhD thesis supervisor certifies, supported by official documents, that the defence will take place no later than 31 January of the 4th year of re-registration (date of defense fixed with constitution of the jury), the meeting of the “comité de suivi” (supervising committee) for auditionning the PhD sttudent is not required. In this case, the “comité de suivi”  form should be replaced by a letter (on plain paper) from the supervising Committee in which committee members specify the context of the request and indicate that they are giving a favourable opinion for re-registration in the 4th year