The Doctoral school offers a series of doctoral trainings

During their thesis, the candidates must follow trainings in order to enhance interdisciplinarity and the acquisition of a broad scientific culture which includes the knowledge of the international frame of research (article 3 of the 25th May 2016 decree).

The PhD students may follow and validate trainings offered by the Galilée Doctoral School. For information regarding doctoral training in 2020-2021, please contact Mme Pascaline Adonaï (

The doctoral training comprises both the disciplinary trainings and the transversal (non disciplinary) trainings for a total amount of 120 hours. The transversal trainings aim at promoting the acquisition of a broad scientific culture (article 3 of the 2016 decree) and the professional insertion of future PhDs. As part of the transversal training courses, 4 courses must have been followed and validated (see details in the paragraphs below). The obligation to follow these 4 courses only applies from doctoral students enrolled in the first year in 2019-2020

The completion of 120 hours is mandatory to obtain the right to defend the PhD and you have three years to complete it.

Whatever the status of the PhD candidate, there is an even repartition between the disciplinary trainings and the transversal trainings, i.e., 60 hours each. The CIFRE PhD candidates, physicians, teachers, workers, engineers do not have to complete the disciplinary trainings.

Process for validating doctoral trainings

The follow-up and validation of doctoral trainings is carried out by BRED and not by ED. All certificates of follow-up/validation of doctoral training should be sent by email to Betty Veziat (BRED)(

  • For transversal training courses offered by the doctoral school, the attendance/enrolment list is sent to BRED by the training manager. However, it is recommended that PhD students keep a certificate of attendance.
  • For disciplinary training (see below for the complete list), get the certificate of attendance from the managers and send it to BRED

In addition, your training report is available in the “LIVRET” tab of your online file. You can view, download and print it at any time. If this assessment is incomplete, contact Mrs Betty Veziat of BRED ( and provide her with the missing certificates of training follow-up.

Validation of the disciplinary trainings (exhaustive list)
  • Taking part in conferences/symposiums (at least one fill day) OUTSIDE of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, as follows :
    • 6 hours per day for a symposium in France,
    • 8 hours per day for an international symposium
    • + 5 hours if the PhD candidates does an oral presentation her/himself
  • Taking part in a summer school : 6 hours per day with a maximum of ⅔ of the total amount of hours of disciplinary trainines, i.e. a maximum validation of 40 hours.
  • Organisation of a congress/conference. The amount of hours will be determined on a case-by-case assessment.
  • Taking part in the scientific days of federative structures (Maths and computer science, IISE, IFRB). A bonus will be given to the students who help organise these days.
Validation of the transversal trainings

Transversal training courses are offered by the doctoral school Galilée (see catalogue 2019-2020). These training courses are grouped into 4 skill blocks:
– Professionalization and languages (English, French)
– Research training and methodology of research
– Quality of research. In this context, the following 4 training courses must have been attended and validated. The obligation to follow these 4 courses only applies from PhD students enrolled in the first year in 2019-2020
– Interdisciplinary scientific culture including participation in the day “a transversal vision of sciences” organized by the ED (28 April 2020 at the Institut Henri Poincaré).

The following candidates CIFRE, doctors, teachers, employees, engineers do not have to complete these cross-sectional trainings.

Validation of the training in English
  • The Doctoral School offers a training in English at the Bobigny and Villetaneuse campuses. The training is adapted to the level of the student. This training is equivalent to 24 hours of transversal training.
  • In addition, the Doctoral School will pay the TOEIC registration fees for the 10 best doctoral students who have obtained a minimum of 765 points at the “white” TOEIC to be held in May. The official TOEIC will take place in June in partnership with the Galilée Institute.
  • The English-speaking students can follow other trainings offered by l’espace langues (the house of languages) of the University.
Cotutelle PhD candidates

Cotutelle PhD candidates validate their disciplinary trainings in proportion with the amount of time spent in France (please refer to the convention signed between the two institutions for further details. They do not need to complete the transversal training.

Contacts for the organization and follow-up of doctoral training

Betty Veizat : PhD candidates training manager
Phone : + 33 1 49 40 38 45